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Flouncy Gardenwear... Fun, Practical & Lovingly Made in New Zealand.

Unique & Boutique Women's Overalls & Aprons

100% Cotton Pretty Prints.

Breathable, Comfortable, Durable.

Fashion meets Workwear - Yay!

Flouncy Overalls & Aprons

Flouncyness Fun!

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Design Features

Little, Local & Loving it

Flouncyness Fans!

It wouldn't be a day in the garden without my Flouncy! which has become my fun & practical uniform...

I'm protected from the sun, much cleaner than if I wore shorts, love the breathable cotton cover up & lots of handy pockets...

Flouncy Overalls for the win!!

I couldn't be happier - Thank you!!

Rose : Good Harvest Market Garden, Riwaka, NZ

Once I put on my Flouncy Overalls... I'm ready for ANY garden job!

I feel like a super hero gardener!!

Your garden wear is brilliant!

Thank you Trace!

Shan Shan : Lifestyle gardener, Auckland, NZ

Thank goodness for my Flouncy!

Full cover from the sun and sandflies...

The breathable cotton is much appreciated as I push mow around the lodge and flower garden...

Pretty & functional under hard working conditions!

Very Happy!!

Kylie : Florest & flower farmer - Owen Valley Flowers - Murchison, NZ

I love LOVE my Flouncy overalls!!

I've hardly taken them off! - apart from bedtime and work - haha!

Thank you so much!

Kate : Seed supplier & Micro flower farmer - Barrhill Blooms, NZ

LOVE my Flouncies! - Yes I have two!

Avoids the crisis when one is grubby and in the wash!

Sylvia : Wellington NZ

I don't have a garden... I wear Flouncy TOTALLY for fashion!

Such fun overalls!

The pockets are great - often I don't bother with a handbag.

Tracey : Auckland, NZ

I love my Flouncy Overalls!

Stylish & practical gardening!

Bridget : Auckland, NZ

Country Roots

Growing up in rural NZ we always had dreary practical “home clothes.” Pass downs, patched pants, and a big box of Bata Bullets in multiple sizes from our cousins ready for our feet to grow into.

My Mum had a sewing room at the end of the hall which was always piled high with mending.

I loved this room and spent hours revamping old clothes. I would cut the worn middle out of old sheets, tie-dye the good bits and make tops, skirts and shorts to wear at the beach. 

I made puppets out of old socks, and dolls clothes out of carefully chosen fabric scraps.

We were brought up not to be wasteful and I loved the unique creations in my wardrobe.

Finishing school lead me to the city, working in fashion and costume for years, but I finally made it back to the country… this time, the “home clothes” are bright, super fun and unique..

Of course it's Flouncy Gardenwear... made by ME... and with all the care and sustainable values I was brought up with.

I hope you enjoy wearing Flouncy and thank you for choosing New Zealand made goodness.

Trace X